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Spring Dolce and Gabbana collection

This spring Dolce and Gabbana fashion house has already ventured to use lemonade print in the collection for kids, creating an atmosphere around its collection of hot Italian summer. The powerful foundation of this collection – a combination of yellow and black. It was yellow like nothing else reminiscent of summer. Brand Loredana offers for little girls very pretty suit, in white color, but with a very nice print in the form of fans, which are arranged symmetrically, in this set your baby will feel very comfortable and easy to move. In addition, you need to take care of your girl during hot weather and protect her from sunstroke, white panama with pink trim by Lili Gaufrette will perfectly approach you, it is made of light fabric, as well as sewn in such a way that it is not slipped from the head. If your baby as well as all the girls love pink and bright, turnover your attention on shortie from Lemon Loves Layette. Pink, bright and beautiful embroidery in the form of butterflies and flowers will make your girl out of the princess. Brand Absorba in turn offers for little girls nice shoes with colored trim on the edges and a bright bow. Since they are made of soft and elastic tissue, your child will not know what discomfort is. Also this brand offers a fine set of t-shirt and shorts. White t-shirt with a blue heart in the middle, with sleeves in the form of small lanterns and shorts in white and blue stripes, is the perfect casual look. For some events, and not only, brand Monnalisa Bebé offers wonderful bright sleeveless dress with pink trim around the edges, nice prints and nice flowered bow, in this dress your little girl will be the most beautiful. Top and skirt from the Young Versace is suitable for all occasions. This dress has a pink and lilac floral check print top and shorts, as well as a very interesting neckline. From this number of options it is easy to choose something unique for your girl.

All these clothes will be the great choice. If you have some questions, welcome to our website, you can buy easily and quickly any these staff in our shop.

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Girls Fashion Trends Fall 2016

We are happy to announce that it is high time for sale and most outfits presented on our website are from now on available for a reduced price. This is a great opportunity for you to choose the best-looking and best-fitting clothes for your baby girl without any concerns about the price for each piece of clothing. Now you can enrich the wardrobe of your little princess with new outfits for wearing day and night. Such designers as Roberto Cavalli, Marie-Chantale, Miss Blumarine and Fendi provide fantastically designed clothes, footwear and accessories, and you can get all this for a sale price. Miss Blumarine provides a lovely white dress with cute ruffled bottom, while Paul Smith Junior offers a wonderful pink suit for wearing at nighttime and during the day. It will bring much comfort to your child as the fabrics it is made of are of the best quality and are extremely soft and delicate to the touch. Les Enfantines provides durable pink footwear that is to be worn during strolls around the neighborhood or at special events. From now on a pair of pink shoes is available with a discount. Paul Smith Junior offers a bright flowery jacket to keep your child warm on a chilly day. Fendi offers a nice long-sleeved pink shirt with a logo of the brand on it. This will be a superb choice if you enjoy walking a lot with your child disregarding the weather. If it is chilly outside, you might wish choosing such an outfit as it is extremely comfortable, warm and cozy. Armani Baby provides a lovely overcoat embellished with a pink fur collar that can be combined with a white bag offered by Roberto Cavalli. All the above will make the outfit of your child incomparably cute and simply adorable. Make the right choice without hesitation!

It is time for sale, so don’t hesitate to purchase some of the best-fitting and fantastically designed outfits for your little fashionistas. It is a great opportunity for you to treat your little girl with fabulous clothes and footwear offered by your favorite designers such as Monnalisa, Roro, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo and many others. Don’t lose your chance to get high-quality and fashionable clothes with a discount! Kenzo and Monnalisa provide a number of options for the nasty weather. The coats offered by the brands are dressy and always in trend, and at the same time warm and comfortable to wear. The coat by Kenzo is made in the golden shade of color, while Monnalisa offers a white-golden outfit for chilly weather. GF Ferre provides a dressy and stylish dress also made in golden color that can be combined with a pair of fashionable flats by Quis Quis. This will be a dressy outfit for special occasions with your child. Monnalisa offers a nice little pink skirt with ruffles. It will make your girl look fantastic at any event. Roberto Cavalli offers a loose long-sleeved shirt added with a golden pattern that will make your little fashionista look dressy and trendy. Mayoral offers comfortable grey shorts that your girl can wear during energetic and entertaining activities outdoors. Roro provides a white embellished bag that is convenient to wear and allows keeping all the necessary things at hand. Check out the sale collection and you will surely find even more options for different seasons and different occasions. Don’t lose your chance to enrich the wardrobe of your little girl with new fascinating styles and designs. It is a great opportunity that you should not miss! Your little one will definitely fall in love with the new creations of various designers that are now available for a highly reasonable price!